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Both our design initiative and our marketing strategy are based on our dream and passion to communicate our ideas and quality products to the world. Having a firm base in Kosovo, which includes our family, our employees, our premises and equipment, we take on to externalise our vision besides our national borders, besides the Balkans, well into Europe and the world. What do we base this ambition on? The top quality of our products, manufactured out of years of experience, tradition and exceptional, sustainable, raw materials; and focusing on our clear design principles which we use as our major tool and an international code of communication in order to develop an authentic, unique and recognisable identity.
The strategic collaboration of ALBED group with the internationally acclaimed Italian designer, Michele Mantovani, has helped us push this dream further, with the company introducing its fresh collection under the brand name VESELI, with the force of fresh, innovative, classy products.


A clear vision depends on a clear set of values, in order to be realised and fulfilled to reach its absolute potential. In VESELI we value the design as the creative force which gives us the opportunity to express the authenticity springing from our unique location and tradition and the innovation that we pursue in all of our products. Our inspiration comes to us on a daily basis from the crystal clear, blue sky of Kosovo, the untamed beauty of its high mountains, serene lakes, wild canyons, steep rock formations and life-giving rivers.

We were born and raised in a country which found itself in the epicentre of a cross-road dating back to the classical times. We are the connection between Central and Southern Europe, the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea, we are at the centre of the Balkan Peninsula, an area rich in history, conflict, and unparalleled charm. The amazing natural recourses around us are giving us peace of mind and the capacity to dream on and pursue our dreams. Thus, the inspiration and a continuous creative quest is a part of our everyday life. We make furniture with a sense of homely, because we value our home and our identity.




In order for our product to achieve the high quality standards that we have set for our manufacturing process, we need the best raw material, which can only be acquired through sustainable management of our natural recourses. Our production process follows our commitment to eco design, overall making absolutely certain that we respect and cherish the life-giving nature around us.